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Cambridge BrickHouse, Inc., a U.S. publishing company located north of Boston, Massachusetts, gives you the possibility of publishing your book in any genre or language.



As an author, you want your work to be well-presented and of the highest quality. You also want your ideas to be clearly expressed. Our editors and proofreaders can help you achieve these goals.

Many books, magazines, newspapers, announcements, catalogues, web sites, interviews, manuals, and other documents are poorly written and plagued by grammatical, spelling, conceptual, and typographical errors. These errors show a lack of professionalism and can harm the presentation of your work.

Many editors, literary agents, critics, and readers in the general public do not continue past the first page when they encounter such oversights. However, there is no need to worry about the impression you might make on us. Our work consists precisely of making sure your work is error-free in the future. We have a highly-qualified team of writers and editors who will help you correct your work.

We can edit your book, article, web site, résumé, scientific or technical text, formal letter, report, promotional writing, or any other written expression of your ideas.

In the editing stage, we verify fluency, coherence, consistency, clarity, style, variety, harmony, use of expressive resources, form-content relationship, originality, and other details that will transform your writing into a work of art. In the proofreading stage, we eliminate any remaining grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors.

For editing/proofreading services, please send a double-spaced hard copy of your manuscript in 12 point Palatino or Times font, and an electronic copy of your manuscript, as well as a money order for $12.00 per page if you require only corrections on paper, or $15.00 per page if you would also like us to incorporate the corrections in the electronic version.

If you prefer to pay by credit card, attach a page with your name, address, phone number, type of service required, credit card type and number, expiration date, and signature. Please send the package via certified mail and include a self-addressed envelope for the return of your manuscript