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Cambridge BrickHouse, Inc., a U.S. publishing company located north of Boston, Massachusetts, gives you the possibility of publishing your book in any genre or language.



The manuscript must meet certain quality requirements.
CBH Books does not publish all of the manuscripts we receive, nor do we accept all books for coedition. Your work is evaluated by a committee of readers that decides whether or not your work meets coedition requirements.

The author may be well-known with many publications, little-known, or completely unknown. We do not discriminate on the basis of nationality, culture, gender, creed, or age. Any author with quality work is important to us.

The genre is open. We accept fiction and nonfiction in any genre: narrative, poetry, short story, theater, biography, autobiography, reference books, bibliographies, literature for children and young adults, among others. We also evaluate scientific, technical, educational, legal, political, and other types of texts.

The length of the book can be anywhere from 8 (children's literature) to 500 pages.

The text must be original.
In order to protect the original work of the authors who entrust their manuscripts to us, we will register the book so that it will appear under the name of the legitimate author (© name of the author). The manuscript you submit must be an original work. We do not take responsibility for plagiarism if the author has deliberately taken material from texts published by other authors.

Your manuscript must be presented as follows.
You should send:
- An electronic copy of your manuscript via e-mail:
- One printed copy of your manuscript, in 12 point PALATINO or TIMES font, double spaced, printed on one side only, on 8.5 x 11 (21.5 x 28cm.) paper (A4 or letter small), stapled or bound, with numbered pages, AND/OR a CD, DVD, HD, or any other electronic support with your manuscript in Microsoft Word.

If you send a printed copy of your manuscript, please sent it via certified mail. Once we receive your work, we will send a report to you in three to four weeks stating whether your manuscript has been approved for coedition or not.