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Cambridge BrickHouse, Inc., a U.S. publishing company located north of Boston, Massachusetts, gives you the possibility of publishing your book in any genre or language.



1. Evaluation and Contract
When you send us your manuscript, it is evaluated at no cost by a team of specialists (committee of readers). They determine whether or not your book qualifies for publication and will inform you immediately. Along with an acceptance letter, we will send you a contract proposal specifying the details of the agreement between the author and CBH Books, and the terms of payment. You keep a copy signed by us and return a copy with your signature. Once we receive your contract and payment, we proceed to the next step.

2. Editing
Our editors examine the form and content of your work, look for errors in wording, and ensure the text has coherence, consistency, clarity, order, logical construction, style, variety, and harmony. They take into account the compatibility of the text with the type of reader to whom it is addressed. The editor will help you eliminate unnecessary repetitions, avoid neologisms, lighten, and synthesize text that is too dense. The editor suggests changes to improve the work, respecting the author's voice and style at all times. The editor sends you the edited version so you can see the changes and make your own observations or changes. Sometimes the editor may consider a text to be completely polished and no changes are needed.

3. Proofreading
The proofreader, working closely with the editor, corrects punctuation, spelling, agreement, unnecessary repetition, foreign words, and incorrect syntax. While the editor checks the manuscript from a panoramic viewpoint to assure coherence, the proofreader puts it "under the microscope," detecting any typos and language errors.

4. Design
In the design department, your book is examined from the point of view of its visual presentation. For each literary genre, our designers and illustrators have created a line that is classic, yet contemporary. Your book can become part of one of our collections, giving it a competitive image in the market. We are equipped with the latest technology, and ensure that every book published with the CBH Books name creates a visual impact that attracts readers.