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Cambridge BrickHouse, Inc., a U.S. publishing company located north of Boston, Massachusetts, gives you the possibility of publishing your book in any genre or language.



You Are in Charge of Sales
Traditional publishers do not always use the most appropriate distribution channels, nor do they provide the same priority and promotional effort to all of their authors. Sometimes they fall behind in the long catalogue lists and will not allow the author to sell the book on his or her own. The publisher that agrees to coedit with you, however, gives you all the rights to promote your book wherever you want, using whatever means you choose.

Your Voice is Heard in the Literary World
Not all authors publish in order to make a profit. For the true writer, what is most important is the ability to share ideas and feelings. Whatever your motive, a book is a personal expression that can lead to new experiences, possibilities, and opportunities.

You Increase Your Possibilities For Working With Other Publishers
Some traditional publishers like to see that you have already published a book. If you show work published by a publishing house (not on your own), you are no longer an unknown author in the eyes of the classic publisher. Coedition also helps increase your publishing possibilities at the international level and improves the chances that other publishers will respect your work and consider it for publication.

You Receive Promotional Support
Although we cover half of the publishing costs, CBH Books keeps some of the copies, the majority of which are used for promotion. We would like you to be known in mass media, literary institutions, as well as book fairs.

You Enter the Publishing Market
We may distribute our copies for sale in established bookstores in the United States, Spain, and Latin America. You are also free to distribute your copies to the bookstores of your choice.

You Will Be Included in Our Catalogue
Together with other well-known authors, you will be part of our catalogue, which we distribute through the Internet and directly to the editors, writers, translators, journalists, and literary critics who make up our group of associates.