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Cambridge BrickHouse, Inc., a U.S. publishing company located north of Boston, Massachusetts, gives you the possibility of publishing your book in any genre or language.


Authors today have found many new alternatives, previously unavailable to them, to make their work known to their target audience. Paradoxically, the possibility of getting noticed has decreased in the virtual avalanche of publications and formats in a global market.

We offer, as a fast and safe option for publishing, coedition under the CBH Books brand.

Coedition is NOT self-publishing.
Books printed without editing can have typographical errors, inconsistent grammar, and style, not to mention no copyright protection or ISBN, and no backing from a publisher. Furthermore, printers do not always recommend the appropriate stock, weight, and binding for the genre, volume, and other characteristics of your particular book.

Coedition means that a publishing house publishes your book, lending the support of its prestige.
Therefore, the publisher does not publish all books that are submitted for coedition, but selects only those with a level of quality that merits publication. Others are given recommendations for individual services if they have future possibilities, and those of poor quality are turned down.

The publisher does not assume all the risks of publication, but asks the author to cover part of the costs. You will keep the majority of the copies of your book, as well as receive 100 percent of the profit from the books you sell. Compare this to the 5 or 10 percent in royalties typically given by publishers who cover all costs. Read more about the advantages of this innovative method for which so many famous authors have opted.

The list of famous authors who have chosen coedition is quite long. Why did they do it? They wanted:

  • a publisher to support their manuscript
  • to avoid being rejected by insensitive editors
  • to promote their books and be recognized as authors
  • to personally take charge of the promotion of their book
  • and not simply become one more author on a list
  • to receive more than the ten books that most publishers allow
  • to receive all the profit